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I believe it was during the tenure with the second owner when the original 440 engine met it's fate.  A 1966 318 and matching transmission were installed to replace the broken 440.  The 318 installation was never completed and the car never rolled under it's own power again (until this year!)  Fortunately, several of the original engine parts were stashed in the trunk including the exhaust manifolds and unsilenced air cleaner with breather.  These now reside where they once were.

A 440 engine and transmission was acquired from a running 1969 Chrysler to be used to fill the void in the engine compartment.   The casting date on the engine block is 7-31-68.  The engine was fully disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for wear.  The block was bored .030" oversize, crank alignment checked, as well as deck squareness and straightness.  New cam bearings and brass freeze plugs were installed.  The crankshaft was beautiful and only needed a micro-polish.  Clevite 77 fully grooved main bearings were installed.   The "906" heads were surfaced to make true and treated to hardened exhaust seats, stainless exhaust valves, bronze valve guides, "933" hemi valve springs, new valve keepers, and a 3-angle valve grind.  Connecting rods were re-sized and fitted to TRW L-2355 forged 10.1:1 pistons with chrome moly filled rings, then balanced with the crankshaft, dampener, flex plate assembly.  A true double-roller timing chain assembly was bolted to the Mopar Performance P4452783 440 production (3512907) grind camshaft.  A Melling high volume oil pump and new bronze drive gear bushing were installed.  Felpro premium gaskets and Permatex Ultra Black hi-temp RTV were used throughout the engine assembly for superior sealing.  The correct style Sealed Power fuel pump and filter/strainer was installed with new fuel lines.   Correct "402" oil pan, pickup tube, and windage tray were installed.   Correct 1969 B-Body valve covers and PCV valve top off the "906" heads.   The intake was installed with the correct foil-covered insulation pad and end shield.  The original exhaust manifolds were fully restored and treated to cast iron high temperature paint.  All ignition wire brackets were installed in their correct positions.  A new water pump, water temperature and oil pressure sending units were installed.  All fasteners on the engine were highly scrutinized for accuracy and correctness.  Those that were not to be painted were treated to a phosphate finish or zinc finish were applicable.  The completed engine assembly was sprayed with catalyzed acrylic enamel "hemi orange" for a fuel and oil resistant finish.   Correct overspray was applied to exhaust manifolds, correct negative battery cable, and chassis ground cable.

The correct 4640S AVS Carter 4 barrel was rebuilt and all screws and linkage correctly plated as original.   Carburetor tag shows part number "92" as listed on broadcast sheet.   Both the throttle return and transmission kick-down spring are restored originals.   An NOS "45" choke assembly with correct zinc dichromate fastener makes it start and run as it should.  The original air cleaner was stripped and restored with black wrinkle finish, a new pie tin, correct wing nut and washer, and high quality ECS decal.  Original breather clamps were restored with the original chrome breather.   A date coded rebuilt starter was installed with correct reproduction positive battery cable and ECS part number tag.  A date coded rebuilt alternator was installed with the correct 2875 711 dual groove pulley.  An ECS alternator inspection sticker was placed on the alternator.  All alternator mounting brackets were stripped and dipped in black chassis enamel where applicable.  Correct bolts and spacers were used for mounting.  All A/C mounting brackets were stripped and dipped in black chassis enamel and a rebuilt RV-2 A/C compressor was installed.  The A/C compressor was treated to an NOS coil assembly, a new data tag, and the correct 6 3/8" dual groove sheave with new bearing.  A stamp was made to reproduce the yellow rectangle inspection marking found on the original unit.  NOS heat stamped belts fill the grooves.  An NOS A/C idler pulley was placed on the restored mounting bracket and secured.  An NOS thermostatic clutch assembly was mounted to the restored "216" six blade fan.  Correct stamps were made to reproduce the "ENGINE SIDE" and "2863216" part number on the fan.  An NOS power steering pump assembly was fitted with restored brackets and the correct sheave.  An NOS power steering pump belt fills the groove on the pulley.  An NOS high pressure hose and correctly marked return hose attach to the pump with correct red clamps.  A rebuilt single point distributor was fitted with a restored correct vacuum advance unit with ECS "Computer Tested" decal, an NOS tan cap and rotor, and date coded reproduction plug wires.  The distributor was re-curved to allow the advance to gradually increase to maximum and allow today's pump gas to be used.  The distributor tag displays the correct "2875758" part number and "31 8" date code.   A new coil was installed with correct tall nuts in a plated coil mounting bracket.   All heater and radiator hoses are stamped with correct part numbers and pentastars.   All rubber fuel lines are marked with "KV" as original and correct Oetiker or spring style clamps are used where applicable.  Vacuum lines are correct Gates 11/32" with correct clamps.  A new reproduction engine wire harness was installed with ECS harness part number tag.  The correct oil dipstick tube was installed after the engine was painted and is natural zinc finish.  The dipstick handle is painted engine color.

The correct "916" part number was added to the right valve cover which corresponds to the number of the engine/transmission assembly found on the broadcast sheet.  This number represents a 440HP engine with automatic transmission and A/C for a B-Body in 1969.

The transmission was completely disassembled and inspected for wear.  The housing and tail shaft extension were cleaned with solvent and a small wire brush for hours to remove the grime without affecting the appearance of the bare aluminum.  The transmission was reassembled with all new seals, o-rings, gaskets, friction discs, and steels.  A new front pump bushing was installed.  A new low-reverse band and flexible 2nd gear band were installed.  The valve body was modified with a Trans-go TF-2 shift improver kit to reduce shift over-lap and wear.  The Trans-go brass screen filter was installed.   A new 10 3/4" torque converter was slid over the input shaft to mate with the front pump.  The fluid pan was cleaned and stripped with acid pickle then coated with a wax based corrosion inhibitor.

The engine and transmission were fastened together and motor mounts were added with correct zinc plated fasteners.  A restored converter access panel and new transmission cooler lines were installed.   The restored and powder coated K-frame was then bolted to the motor mounts on the engine.  The engine/transmission/K-frame assembly was then attached to a dolly to be placed under the body of the car for installation.  The body of the car was lowered over the engine/transmission assembly as was done during factory assembly.  The K-frame was bolted to the front frame rails and the transmission mount to the cross-over frame rail.

An exhaust system h-pipe and tail pipes was purchased from Accurate Exhaust LTD and installed with correct stamped steel flange gaskets and NOS bolts and marsden nuts.  Reproduction date coded and pentastar logo hemi mufflers were installed using correct reproduction looped muffler hangers and phosphated original muffler clamps.  Exhaust tip hangers are original and plated zinc, holding the Dale's Cuda Shop chrome exhaust tips in place.  Tail pipes were slit as original to accept the exhaust tips.  Tips are also clamped on using original phosphated clamps.

Driveshaft was cleaned and dipped in acid pickle to remove all rust.  Both yoke and shaft were then coated with wax based corrosion inhibitor.  New u-joints were installed at each end.

The original wiper motor assembly was fully disassembled and new cloth wire covers installed with correct heat shrink joints.  The motor barrel was zinc dichromate plated and the end cap zinc plated as original.  After complete restoration of the unit the correct GE glyptol was applied in original fashion to the switch plate cover.  A new ground lead was applied and cover screws and mounting nuts were zinc plated.

An NOS voltage regulator was used to create a "production" unit.  The cover was stripped and dipped in black chassis enamel.  Correct stamps were created for the part number, "warning" message, and date code.  These were then applied in yellow as an original production unit was.  Any unit purchased in a box will have either red or white lettering, but yellow is correct for production units.

The heater control valve was full disassembled and the mounting plate and screws were zinc plated.  The unit was reassembled with a new valve seal kit.  A new molded hose with correct clamps was installed.

The correct "055" radiator was re-cored with the correct 26" 2-core unit and any dents were removed from the tanks.  The unit was then sprayed with black enamel.  An NOS fan shroud was installed using NOS correct zinc plated flange nuts.  A correct 16lb radiator cap is installed.  The A/C condenser was pressure tested and many hours spent on straightening the fins.  It was then sprayed with semi-flat black enamel and installed with phosphated fasteners.  The hood latch, spring, and release mechanism are original to the car and were restored to their black zinc finish.

The power steering gear was cleaned and documented for markings.  It was then painted black enamel and the white paint drippings reproduced.  The pitman arm was in good condition, cleaned and sprayed with a protective coating, then an NOS grease boot installed.  The gear was fastened to the K-member before engine installation.

The starter solenoid and horn relay are both original to the car and were disassembled and restored to concours standards.   Both housings were zinc dichromate plated.  The horns were cleaned then dipped in black enamel as original and hung by the proper holes to drip dry.  Correct horn mounting bolts were phosphate finished.

The windshield washer pump motor was also restored and is correctly date coded for the car.  A reproduction reservoir was installed with restored original hoses and zinc plated squirters and screws.

The original vacuum brake booster was reconditioned by Booster Dewey and mounted to the original master cylinder that was rebuilt with new pistons, springs, and seals.  The entire unit was then sprayed with black enamel as original.  New brake lines were installed across the firewall, to the brake valve, and up to the master cylinder.  The brake valve was disassembled and restored with the mounting bracket zinc plated.  The proportioning valve was also disassembled, cleaned, and restored.  The fenderwell and frame brackets that secure the brake line, positive battery cable, and speedometer cable were zinc plated and the rubber ends dipped in plasti-dip to restore their original appearance.

All A/C lines were restored with new o-rings, zinc plated or painted black as original.  An NOS receiver/dryer unit was installed in the restored mounting bracket.  All mounting clips for the A/C lines were plated zinc then dipped in plasti-dip to restore their original appearance.

The reproduction group 27 red cap battery is resting upon the original battery tray and braces, secured by an NOS battery strap and correct j-bolts, washers, and wing nuts.  The headlamp wiring harness was replaced with a reproduction unit then a correct ECS part number tag was added.

An NOS throttle cable was installed with an NOS retainer clip on the throttle bracket.

The paint "OK" inspection stamp was reproduced and added to the right fender mounting plate as originally located.   This was also added to the glove box liner as did appear on some cars.  See Interior Photos for the picture.