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The exterior of this car was stripped with chemical stripper to bare metal.  All previous body filler was removed.  Both the left front fender and right door had received previous damage and body work, and were replaced with better components.  The left fender mounting tab which displays the part code for the fender was removed and spot welded onto the new left front fender to retain the proper numbers.  All bare metal was treated with metal prep and sprayed with Glasurit metal etching epoxy primer.   All body damage was metal finished to accept the minimal amount of catalyzed filler if needed.  Both lower rear quarter outer panels showed signs of rust bubbles and were removed from just below the lower body line.  The inner panels did not exhibit any rust and were cleaned and sprayed with rust preventative.  New lower patch panels were welded in place from the front of the wheel opening to the rear bumper indentation.   The inside of the new patch panels were also sprayed with rust preventative.   The floor pan did not have any rust damage, but the trunk did exhibit minor pin holes in the lower groove areas.  These were easily repaired to retain the original trunk floor.  These were the only areas of rust on this car.  PPG K36 urethane primer was used extensively to provide excellent fill and sanding characteristics.   After all body damage was accounted for and hundreds of hours of block sanding, the car was sealed with PPG KTS 30 sealer.  Four coats of catalyzed PPG Delstar acrylic enamel were applied in Y2 Sunfire Yellow.  The car was lightly color sanded and buffed to retain a close to factory appearance.

The black R/T transverse stripe was applied in the factory position.  The rear reflector housings were painted black to match the stripe, while the inside shows the correct drab primer and zinc plated retainers and nuts.   NOS reflectors were used front and rear.

The headlight buckets were photographed to document the position and color of the factory markings.  These were cleaned and the paint stripes added.  The retaining springs and screws were plated zinc, and the headlight rings were polished.  Date coded GE headlamps were installed with new adjuster assemblies.  All three pieces of the grille are NOS, as well as the R/T grille emblem.  The center grille fasteners are correct black zinc and the headlight bezel screws are also black.

Front and rear bumpers were rechromed by Medford Plating to show standards.  NOS front and rear bumper guards were also rechromed since the NOS finish does not compare to today's show standards.   All guard rubber bumpers are NOS along with the mounting hardware.  The front bumper brackets and lower filler panel were powder coated 85% gloss black for improved chip resistance.  The rear brackets were dipped in chassis black enamel.  All bumper to bracket bolts are new and polished, with new zinc plated hardware.  Bumper bracket to frame bolts are phosphate finished.  New correct license plate hardware was installed.  The rear license plate lamp housing was zinc plated and restored with an original lens.  The rear license plate mounting bracket was carefully disassembled, and the components correctly plated then reassembled.

New reproduction wheel opening moldings do NOT fit correctly, so good originals were secured.  These were cleaned and stripped of the anodizing.  Any small dents or scrapes were removed and then they were polished to a high shine.  They were then powder coated with clear to slightly dull the shine and provide a protective coating.  NOS mounting screws attach each of the wheel opening moldings to their proper corner.

The DODGE letters on the deck lid are original and have minor pitting.  They were cleaned and the old paint detailing removed.  Each letter was painted in gloss white and all was removed except for the inset area.  New retainers secure the pins in the deck lid.  An NOS R/T emblem was installed on the deck lid as well.  New correct profile trunk weatherstrip was glued to provide a lasting seal.  The inner truck latch was plated zinc with correct phosphated mounting screws.  The trunk light switch and light assembly were restored and zinc plated.  The trunk mat is a correct reproduction unit in grey plaid.

An original Goodyear F70x14 is mounted on a 14x5.5JJ rim and covers the correctly restored jack assembly and lug wrench.   The jack base has the correct ECS jacking instruction decal, as does the deck lid.   Both the spare tire mounting stud and wing nut have been zinc plated as original.

Original tail light housings were cleaned the reflective inner surfaces were restored with bright silver.  The lenses were cleaned and polished.  Original gaskets were carefully cleaned and used to mount the restored units with new mounting nuts.  New bulbs were installed and the original wire harness restored and an ECS part number tag added.  The trunk finish panel was stripped of paint and anodizing, then any imperfections removed.  The surfaces not to be painted were polished and the complete panel was powder coated clear.  The correct semi-flat black was then applied to the appropriate areas.  An NOS center reflector lens was installed and the entire panel was installed with correct zinc plated nuts.

All external stainless steel trim was polished to a brilliant shine, and is original to the car.  All four cast convertible trim pieces exhibit no pitting and are in fantastic condition.  The vent window chrome is in excellent condition and is original to the car.  All original chrome was also polished to remove any blemishes.  NOS exterior door handles were installed with the correct black buttons found on 1968 and early 1969 cars.  Both door lock assemblies are also NOS and match the ignition.  The left outside remote mirror assembly is NOS.  The rocker panel moldings were stripped of anodizing and any blemishes corrected.  They were then polished and powder coated clear.  They were installed with new mounting clips.  An NOS antenna assembly was installed in the right fender.

Although this car was originally equipped with W21 Magnum 500 wheels and F70x14 redline tires, I have opted to install a set of W23 Kelsey Hayes 15" Road Wheels.  I purchased these nearly 13 years ago with plans to use them on this car.  I have acquired NOS lug nuts for all wheels, but do not have the correct trim rings.  The trim rings are from later Chrysler wheels and have been polished.  The wheels were restored using the 1969 Dodge sales brochure as a guide for color correctness.  All four wheels are date coded July of 1968 and retain their original center caps.  Reproduction Firestone F70x15 redline tires are mounted and balanced.

A new PPG tinted and shaded windshield was installed with a new gasket.  All surrounding stainless trim is polished.  Original 15" Trico wiper arms were restored and 15" blades installed.  Lets hope they never get used!

The convertible top mechanism was completely disassembled and cleaned, then sprayed in semi-flat black enamel.  All window channel stainless was polished and attached with new foam gaskets and correct mounting screws.  Acorn nuts were placed on the protruding screw threads as original.   Both NOS and reproduction side glass channel rubber was installed.  New top pads were fastened and a high quality black convertible top with glass rear window was installed.  All convertible top weather stripping was replaced with new parts.   Both top latches were restored and the mounting screws zinc plated.  The top looks and functions beautifully.  A new well liner and white top boot from Legendary Auto Interiors were also installed.

The side glass is original to the car and exhibits some wear.  There is a scratch in the left door glass about mid-way up.  The right side glass looks to have suffered the wrath of a lawn mower or a sand storm.  There are many small pits in all three pieces of right side glass.   There are also some scratches in the glass.  The glass is very usable and does not affect visibility, but it is not perfect.  NOS door glass front felt slides were installed with new retainers.  Reproduction rear quarter window weatherstrips were installed in the stainless leading edge.  Reproduction A-Pillar weatherstrips were also installed.  All door weatherstrip and end seals were restored and attached with new clips and black screws.  Door latches, strikers, and hardware were cleaned, stripped and plated either correct zinc or zinc dichromate.