Front Suspension Related Photos

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All front suspension components were thoroughly cleaned and any inspection markings were documented.  Bare metal components were dipped in acid pickle to remove any rust and to provide a factory new appearance.  All natural steel components were sprayed with a wax based corrosion inhibitor.  This includes upper and lower control arms, calipers, drag link, strut rods, spindles, and tie rod adjusters.  All hardware was acid pickle dipped to remove rust then phosphated.

Disc brake shields were stripped in acid pickle then primed and sanded to remove any pitting.  They were then dipped in chassis black enamel.  New spindle seals were created.

The K-member was powder coated 85% gloss black to improve chip resistance.

The front sway bar assembly was chemically stripped then dipped in black chassis enamel.  NOS sway bar end links and bushings were used with restored conical washers and phosphated nuts.  Front mounting hardware was phosphated.

New Moog lower control arm bushings, upper control arm bushings, strut rod bushings, upper ball joints, lower ball joints, and idler arm were installed.  NOS inner and outer tie rod ends were installed.  All Moog grease boots were replaced with NOS MoPar units with correct numbers to create the proper appearance.  Original castle nuts and fasteners were restored and phosphated.

Torsion bars were photographed for proper paint marking positions and then stripped.  They were dipped in chassis black enamel and allowed to drip dry to create the correct style factory drips.  The brown identification markings were then added in the proper locations.  New grease boots and clips were installed to secure the torsion bars.

Both 4-piston Bendix front brake calipers have been rebuilt with stainless steel liners and have new pistons, boots, and seals.  Both rotors are NOS with correct right and left hand studs.  New Timken bearings and CR seals were installed with NOS dust caps.  New organic brake pads were installed.  Brake hoses from frame to calipers and brake lines at calipers are new.

Monroe HD gas shocks were painted semi-flat black as original and installed with correct large washer in engine compartment with zinc plated locking nut.

New reproduction front fender panel seals were installed behind headlight area.  Rear fender access panels were stripped and acid dipped to remove any rust, then powder coated black for increased chip resistance.  New seals were installed on these panels.  Inner fenderwells were masked to factory positions and an authentic layer of undercoating was applied with correct over-spray lines.