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The original interior was tired from exposure but not due to wear.  All original components were filmed during disassembly and fasteners were bagged and tagged for later assembly.

The A/C and heater box was a huge task.  After complete documentation of the original components and placement, disassembly began.  The heater core and evaporator were pressure checked for leakage.  An NOS heater control valve was installed with new o-rings.  The halves of the metal heater box were stripped and re-dipped in chassis black enamel.  All natural metal components were acid dipped and then coated with a wax based corrosion inhibitor.  New gaskets were fabricated for the vent doors.   All fasteners were plated to proper original specification in either zinc or zinc dichromate.  An NOS vacuum harness was installed.  The fan motor was fully disassembled and restored to concours status.

Complete dash frame assembly was stripped and sprayed with correct jewel black.  All soft pads were cleaned and sprayed with SEM black vinyl dye to provide a coordinated color appearance.  The same SEM was applied to the A-pillar covers, kick panels, and console plastic.  All instrument wiring was cleaned and checked for wear.  Complete dash was assembled on bench then installed as a unit.

The original instruments were re-faced and the tachometer was calibrated.  The original clock was cleaned and continues to function.  All instrument panel plastic was vacuum metallized and detailed to match original appearance.  All gauges and switches function.  Radio speaker replaced and DODGE AM radio functions correctly.  All but one of the heater control buttons is NOS.  The center A/C vent is also NOS.  Original steering wheel was cracked and replaced with a very nice unit with plenty of wood grain ticking and no cracks.  A new glove box liner has been installed and the paint "OK" inspection mark placed in the proper location.

The seat assemblies were completely disassembled and the frames were stripped to bare metal.  Chassis black enamel was applied to all seat frames and springs.  Bottom of back seat was treated to new cotton batting and burlap.  The front seats also were treated to new burlap and the springs woven through as original.  All seat foam was in good shape.  All seats were covered in Legendary Interiors reproduction seat covers with the correct grain and color.  Head rests were restored and dyed to match interior.  Seat hinge covers are original and restored with SEM vinyl dye.  A six way seat mechanism was added to the driver seat which is NOT original.  The mechanism was fully stripped and detailed in chassis black enamel.  Both chrome knobs are in excellent condition.  All seat belts are original and in great condition.  They were fully cleaned and restored to original appearance.  Seat belt hardware was plated in zinc or zinc dichromate as original.  Carpet is correct black loop with premium heel pad on drivers side.   New reproduction door sill plates were installed.  Rear carpet trim bezels were restored.

The center console was fully restored with new woodgrain center and black surround.  Console plastic was restored with black SEM vinyl dye.  A new woodgrain shift ball and NOS button were installed.   Shifter mechanism was fully detailed stripped and coated with a wax based corrosion inhibitor.  All carpet accents were replaced with new reproduction pieces.

Front and rear door panels are Legendary Interiors reproductions that are very correct.  Both door power window controls are NOS.  Rear door panels are original and were sprayed with SEM vinyl dye to restore the correct color.  All arm rest pads were also sprayed to coordinate the proper color.  Front arm rest bases are vacuum metallized.  Inside door handles are rechromed.  Door panel accent strips have new woodgrain applied and new red reflective material.  Correct reproduction window felts from RPM Restoration Parts were installed and are exact duplicates of originals.  Rear ash receivers are in excellent condition.  Door trim stainless was polished

Original sun visors were restored with SEM vinyl dye and original top latch bezels are in excellent condition.   Convertible only inside rearview mirror is also excellent.

Parking brake assembly was acid dipped and completely restored.  Parking brake lever was dipped in chassis black as original.  All natural components were sprayed with a wax based corrosion inhibitor.   The pad and bezel are original and the bezel has been polished.  New gaskets were placed on each stud that passes through the fenderwell.  All plating of mounting fasteners is correct.

The brake pedal support structure was acid dipped and then treated with a wax based corrosion inhibitor.  The pedal arm was dipped in chassis black.  Pedal pad is excellent original and the bezel has been polished.  A new accelerator pedal was installed with the polished original trim bezel.

The convertible top motor was thoroughly cleaned but did NOT need any repair.  The system had never been opened functioned correctly.  New rubber mounting feet were installed on the motor/pump assembly.

The wiper arm assemblies were fully restored with new seals and gaskets.

The steering column was fully disassembled and stripped.  All natural components were acid dipped to remove rust then protected with a wax based corrosion inhibitor.  An NOS lower bearing was installed.  The mast was sprayed with jewel black and the original components installed.  The firewall and dash mounting plates were dipped in chassis black and new seals and gaskets installed.  All mounting hardware was phosphated.