Rear Suspension Related Photos

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The original 8 3/4" rearend was fully documented during disassembly in order to reproduce any factory markings.  All markings were photographed and measured and their color logged for reference.

Axle bearings were replaced with Chrysler Green Bearings for extended life and ease of maintenance.  New axle seals were installed.  New wheel cylinders were installed with new brake hardware.  Certain brake hardware components were plated zinc as original.  Premium organic shoes were installed.  All brake lines are new front to rear.  Backing plates were zinc phosphate finished as per original specification.   All natural surfaces treated with wax based corrosion inhibitor.

New Chrysler HD rear leaf springs were installed and the original lower spring replaced to maintain the proper part number and date code sequence.  Front and rear spring bushings are new.  All assembly hardware correctly phosphated, black phosphated, zinc, or zinc dichromate as required.

3.23:1 Sure Grip third member was fully disassembled and cleaned and all bearings replaced with new Timken units.   Front pinion seal replaced along with crush sleeve.  Correct pre-load and backlash established and tooth pattern confirmed.  All factory makings reproduced to best match original marks documented.  Date code stamp of 8-2 found on lower left third member rib.  All natural surfaces treated with wax based corrosion inhibitor.

Axle housing completely stripped and acid dipped to remove any corrosion.  Chassis black applied to bare housing and factory markings reproduced to best match the original marks documented.  Housing assembly part number "592" applied to left front of axle tube.  Pink "X" at brake tee and large "B" at rear of housing also reproduced.   Date code stamp of 8-2 also on top left of axle tube.

Original emergency brake cables were fully restored and the spring-wrapped right side piece zinc plated as original.   All natural surfaces treated with wax based corrosion inhibitor.

Monroe HD gas shocks were painted semi-flat black as original and installed.