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12/6/04 - Added Documentation Page and more pictures to Engine Related Page.

12/8/04 - Added content to Documentation Page and added Interior Related Photo page.

12/19/04 - Added content to Interior Related Photo page and added Rear Suspension Related  & Exterior Photo pages.

12/27/04 - Added content to Exterior Photo page.

12/28/04 - Added content to Front Suspension page and added NOS Components page.

12/30/04 - Added exhaust system pictures to Engine Photo page.

12/31/04 - Added photos of unrestored body to Exterior Photo page, pictures of engine compartment before restoration on Engine Photo Page, and added pictures of original back seat on Interior Photo page.

1/7/05 - Added three photos of floor pan after cleaning before undercoating was applied.

1/9/05 - Added exterior photos of car with top up in the SNOW!!!!!  Don't worry, I drove very slowly to get these shots!!!!!  Couldn't pass up the photo op!

2/2/05 - Added Reproduction Components page.

2/12/05 - Added paint inspection stamp photos to Interior and Engine pages.  Added Borg clock movement to Reproduction Components page.

3/1/05 - Added some final pictures taken with 4 megapixel camera the day the car began it's trip to the new owner.